[SNMP4J] TransportMapping and Snmp objects

Marco.Bresciani at alcatel.it Marco.Bresciani at alcatel.it
Thu Nov 16 11:17:46 CET 2006

  is it possible to remove all TransportMappings added to a Snmp object?

I'm getting into a strange application that could change the SNMP 
communication data such as TransportMapping and authentication data, 
CommandResponder and so on.
  So, if the user send me a new SnmpConfig object (a class I made to make 
easy creating a new Snmp object through a Factory pattern (that is: a 
SnmpFactory.getSnmp methods with different parameters with respect to the 
needs), I have to apply the new configuration to an existing Snmp object.
  At the moment I'm simply adding the new, received, TransportMapping to 
the existing Snmp, but I'll probably asked to remove the existing ones. Is 
it possible?

Also, state that I have a UsmSecurityParameters object available, now can 
I change (if possible) an Snmp object from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 or vice versa?


Ing. Marco Bresciani

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